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Recent Cases

I have represented many clients on a direct access basis, some from the beginning of their cases and others at the very end for a final trial.

Some examples of my most recent cases and their outcomes are below.

No Contact Order

13 January 2016

No Contact Order

Acting for the mother of 2 young children where the father has a conviction for assaulting the mother. Successfully opposed the reintroduction of direct contact pending proper assessment of the level of risk posed by the father.

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Protection of Assets

21 November 2015

Protection of Assets

I advised a client after a court made an order for him to pay his former partner a substancial amount of money to provide accommodation for their daughter.

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Financial Dispute Resolution

26 October 2015

Financial Dispute Resolution

I represented a client at a Financial Dispute Resolution appointment and following the hearing, my client and her husband were able to reach a satisfactory outcome without the need for further legal advice or additional costs.

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Direct Access

Why Go Direct

Clients instructing a Direct Access Barrister can specify the exact legal services they require, this fixes the work they pay for, saving significant time and money.

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