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The importance of adoption for children and families cannot be underestimated. It offers children who cannot remain in their birth family the possibility of a safe and secure home.

It is a route for those who cannot conceive naturally to have children, an option for those who want to care for a child in need rather than conceive themselves and may be the best way to meet the needs of a child close to them or within the extended family. Once an adoption order is made the adoptive parents become the child’s only legal parents. Unfortunately the adoption process can be lengthy and less-than-straightforward, and in some circumstances it can come with legal challenges or issues that must be overcome.

Adoption: Legal Aspects and Processes

Potentially anybody under the age of 18 can be adopted - provided they haven't married - and anybody over the age of 21 is entitled to apply to become a parent through adoption. In deciding whether a person is eligible to adopt, authorities will consider a number of factors. A detailed assessment of the prospective parents' ability to provide for all the child's needs, emotional, physical, educational and financial, is carried out in each case. There are factors that cannot be used as grounds for refusing the right to adopt, including religion, sexuality, race, age, marital status and disabilities.

Adoption is a legal process, and there are times where legal support may be needed beyond the traditional administrative and advisory capacity often offered by a solicitor. Adoptions can become complex. International adoptions are becoming more common and bring their own difficulties. When someone close to a child, such as a step-parent, other relative or existing legal guardian seeks to adopt a child and become their parent they can be met with unexpected opposition and the duty on Local Authorities to consider a child’s lifelong needs may require particularly careful handling.

Legal Support with Adoption Cases from Dinah Loeb

All adoptions are concluded by a court order. Making an application for such an order will require legal advice, support and possibly representation in court, although this will not always be necessary and many adopters will not need representation during the court stages of the process.

As a family law barrister, I am familiar with all aspects of adoption law and I have a great deal of court based experience. I can provide you with a full range of legal services including advice and representation at court throughout the adoption process. To find out more about the kinds of legal support I can give, the types of adoption matters that I can help you deal with, and how I may be able to assist you in your unique circumstances, please do not hesitate to get in touch for a discussion.

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