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I have over 20 years legal experience having worked as a solicitor from 1990 and then as a barrister from 2004. I trained as a mediator in 2002.

Solicitors, Barristers and mediators have different legal experience and expertise.

Barristers generally spend most of their time in court acting as advocates, preparing for their next case or advising on complex legal issues. Barristers are expert advocates, and because they are responsible for presenting the case to the court they are experts in the finer points of the law that relates to their practise area.

Solicitors spend much of their time dealing with the general management of cases. They ensure that the necessary evidence is compiled, the increasingly complex court rules are complied with and providing clients with ongoing advice and support.

Mediators meet with the parties to a dispute in a supported environment. Expert legal information is used to facilitate discussions and help the parties to reach agreements.

Because I have considerable experience working all these areas I have the skills to represent my clients in court, advise them on the law, to help them to manage the day to day running of their case and to support and assist them in reaching agreements.

I have a reputation for being tough in court whilst still appreciating that my clients need support and understanding at a difficult time in their lives.

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For more information please contact me on 07577 552908 or Email: info@dinahloebbarrister.co.uk.

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Dinah Loeb

Dinah Loeb"I'm a skilled Family Law Barrister and Mediator with over 20 years experience"

About Dinah

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