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Applications on behalf of Grandparents

GrandparentsParents and children are not the only ones affected when a marriage, civil partnership, or other long-term relationship breaks down. Grandparents, in particular, often have a close and meaningful relationship with their grandchildren that can be significantly impacted on by the breakup of the relationship between the children's parents.

Sometimes, grandparents are forced to take legal steps to preserve their relationship and the ability to see their grandchildren or even to safeguard a child's welfare.

Grandparent's legal rights

The law does not provide grandparents with the same extensive rights regarding children as parents. Indeed there are relatively few specific rights for grandparents laid out in UK legislation. However, grandparents are not completely without legal options, and the law defines several key entitlements for children that support their relationship with their grandparents. For the most part, these are laid out in the Children Act 1989.

Where grandparents are denied contact with their grandchildren by one or both parents there are steps that can be taken to re-establish the relationship. In such cases, grandparents can begin proceedings through the courts to try to obtain a Child Arrangement order, giving their grandchild a defined and enforceable right to spend time with their grandparent.

Grandparents may wish to take legal action through the courts about their grandchildren when there are concerns about the welfare of those children or if they are unable to stay with their parents for any other reason. In such cases, grandparents can apply for an order that the child should live with them to ensure their needs are met.

Assistance with legal applications on behalf of Grandparents

When grandparents find themselves in situations that require them to go to court to preserve their relationship with their grandchildren or to protect those children, good legal advice is essential and will have a significant impact on the final order a court may make. Reliable expert advice on how to proceed, professional guidance through the court process, and robust legal representation in court are all essential if an application made on behalf of a child's grandparents is to have the best chance of success. This helps serve the interests and protects the welfare of the children involved as well as the grandparents making the application.

I am a former solicitor and practising barrister with a legal career spanning more than two decades, and I specialise in family court proceedings. I can provide reliable and high-quality legal advice, support and advocacy services for all applications that may be made by grandparents including applications for Child Arrangement orders setting out where children live and how much time they spend with their grandparents. If you want to find out more about the options avaliable to grandparents through the courts, how to uphold those rights, and how I might be able to help you with the problems you are facing right now, please get in touch with me directly.

For expert advice on grandparents rights, please contact me on 07577 552908 or Email: info@dinahloebbarrister.co.uk

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