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Child Law

When a couple choose to end their relationship, the ideal scenario is that they are in mutual agreement over what is best for their children, however in reality, parents often have very different views on what's 'best' for their children.

As an experienced family law barrister, I have been instructed by many parents on a wide range of issues relating to child law including international child abduction, adoption, child arrangement orders, child support payments and child protection.

I am able to undertake direct access work in all areas of child law including:

Arrangements for Children After Separation
When a relationship breaks down, there are many different aspects to consider, however one of the most important is what arrangements are to be made for the children. Access and childcare arrangements need to be carefully considered to ensure that they meet the needs of the children and that both parents get the right amount of quality time in order to maintain a healthy relationship with their children following a separation. As a fully qualified mediator, I can work with you and your partner to help you come to an amicable solution in regards to arrangements for your children.

Financial Applications for Child Support
When a couple separate, another important decision is how their children are going to be catered for financially. It is important that the primary care giver has enough financial support from their partner to ensure that their children's needs are met. Often both parents have different views on how children's financial needs should be met, so it can be difficult to come to an arrangement that both parties are happy with. As an experienced family law professional, I can advise you on applications for child support from your partner to ensure that you receive a fair financial settlement.

Child Abduction
Cases of child abduction are far more common than most people think and usually involve one parent taking a child abroad without the other parent's consent or without having permission to do so from the courts. As an expert in family and child law, I can assist you with preventing your child from being taken overseas and keeping them in the UK.

Child Protection
Unfortunately when some couples separate, their child's safety and welfare could be at risk from a former partner or family member close to them. Sometimes it is necessary to take legal action to protect the safety of a child from the other parent in the form of a protective court order. If your child's safety is at risk, I can provide you with professional legal advice and representation in court.

Adoption offers couples the opportunity to provide for a child if they cannot naturally conceive or they feel that they can provide a stable environment for a child who is in need of a family. The adoption process can be a complicated one to navigate without proper legal advice or representation. As an experienced family law barrister, I can advise you on the adoption process and provide professional representation in court.

International Child Law
Family law matters involving children are rarely straight forward, however as soon as they involve an international element they can become even more complicated. As an experienced family law barrister with expert knowledge of UK and international family law, I can advise you a wide range of international legal matters relating to children.

Applications on Behalf of Grandparents
When a family breakup occurs, it can be hard for the grandparents to maintain regular contact with their grandchildren as they do not have the same level of rights as parents. They are sometimes forced to take legal action in order to maintain a relationship with their grandchildren. If grandparents are denied contact with their grandchildren, they can apply for a Child Arrangement order from the courts, giving them an enforceable right to maintain regular contact with their grandchildren. As an experienced family law professional, I can advise on Child Arrangement orders in relation to grandparents.

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