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International Child Law

Legal matters are rarely simple but they are almost certainly more complicated when there is an international element. If there is an international legal aspect relating to a child this is likely to cause parents a great deal of anxiety.

Swift, expert and professional legal advice makes it easier to understand and manage these matters and ensure the safety and protection of your children.

Increased international mobility has led to more cross border relationships and increasing number of families moving between different legal areas. As a result, there are more children becoming involved international legal cases, often arising where parents are of different nationalities or reside in different countries. International travel may give rise to problems even if a child has only been taken out of the country temporarily.

Risks of child abduction can be a very real concern for parents. If one parent - or indeed any other person connected to a child - has taken that child out of the country, even temporarily, without the permission of the other parent and without obtaining any necessary permissions from the courts, this may be a criminal offence and a case of child abduction. If a child is being kept outside the country against the wishes of the other parent and without the necessary permissions, then international legal proceedings may be needed to ensure the child's return to England and Wales. There are time limits on making such applications and failure to act swiftly may prejudice the final outcome of a case even to the extent of a refusal by the authorities to order a child’s return.

Applications to take a child abroad, permanently or for a holiday, for a parent living abroad to spend time with a child living in England and Wales and for financial provision may become international in their scope.

Help With International Child Law

While international legal proceedings can easily become complicated, the help of an experienced and expert legal professional can help to simplify them. The difficult landscape of international law is much easier to navigate with the help of a professional guide. As an experienced barrister with strong, expert knowledge of UK and international family law, I am well-placed to help you with any international legal issues that affect or revolve around your children.

I can provide you with expert help and advice and represent you in a wide range of cases that fall within the category of international child law including applications to take a child abroad, to prevent removal or recover an abducted child and to resolve financial issues for children. As a barrister, I take a practical approach and specialise in resolving matters as quickly as possible offering you reliable advice and robust representation in court. For more information about the kinds of international child law matter I handle and the ways in which I can help you, or to discuss the details of your situation and how I may be able to help you resolve the challenges you are currently facing, please get in touch.

For expert advice on international child law, please contact me on 07577 552908 or Email: info@dinahloebbarrister.co.uk

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