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Child Abduction

The words "child abduction" often conjures up images of child-snatchers and ransom notes. In reality child abduction is much more common than people realise and most cases are far less dramatic.

The Child Abduction Act states that permission is needed from the parent or guardian, the person with whom the child is resident, local authorities and, in some cases, the Family Proceedings Court before a child can be taken out of the UK. Failure by any person to comply with the provisions of this act can be a criminal offence.

There are very real limits to what one parent can do, and where they can take a child without the consent of the other. Major steps in a child’s life, including taking a child abroad either permanently or for a holiday must be agreed or ordered by a court. Without such an agreement or order the removal from the country or failure to return as expected is abduction.

The increase in affordable and accessible travel, more cross-cultural and international relationships and high family separation rates have meant that child abduction cases seem to be increasingly common.

Legal Routes to Tackle Child Abduction

The law governing child abduction and the provisions to ensure that a child taken abroad is returned are complex. It is possible to take action against child abduction before it happens if you have good reasons to believe that your child is at risk. Court orders can be obtained that will prevent a person taking a child abroad. If the child has already left the country it is possible to take action to try to ensure their return.

In cases such as this, swift action is essential. Whether you wish to take measures to prevent a child’s removal or are seeking to recover an abducted child I can help. I have substantial experience dealing with removal cases. As an experienced family barrister, I can provide advice and assistance with court action to keep your child in the UK or to navigate the complexities of international law and prevent your child from being kept overseas.

For expert advice on the child abduction act, please contact me on 07577 552908 or Email: info@dinahloebbarrister.co.uk

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